Top 10 Cartoons You Should Look Foward On 2019

2019 Post

Well another year is coming to a end  and well in comparation with last year it was a bit dowgrade: Hasbro released 2 shows both pretty good, Cartoon Network a god tier slife of life show that is Craig Of The Creek, one decent show Apple & Onion and a comfy SOL show Summer Camp Island, Dreamworks doing a Dreamworks great shows (Harvey Street Kids,She Ra & Captain Underpants) and mediocre stuff like The Rocky and Bullwinkle reboot & Boss Baby The Series, Nick well…….. was pretty lame with 0% cartoons this year but besides, Based Disney won this year again with GOD Tier Big City Greens and a amazing first season of Big Hero 6 The Series and a good comedy like Space Chickens In Space, and a amazing Muppet Babies reboot also with surprises like Legend Of The Three Caballeros

but its time to look foward to the 2019 cartoons many got announced but this time 10 caught my attention so let’s take a look shall we!

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