The Hub Network’s Legacy and How Hasbro & Discovery Shattered It


If you are Brony,Pegasister or fan of other Hasbro show maybe you have acrossed with the name of The Hub Network, for the most youngest of the audience the Hub was a 2010 channel owned by Discovery & Hasbro during 4 years, in 2014 the channel shut down with a new replacement: Discovery Family

















































However for many people who asked to some Brony or other Hasbro show fandom they will always reply with: “The Hub Network was so much better” however since Discovery Family’s debut it’s very obvious that Hasbro’s interest in their ownership of the channel, is not something that they should care about since it’s debuts more Hasbro shows including their top star show : My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic was airing episodes ahead of its U.S release and making streaming and online apps their top priority.

Today in honor of it’s 5th anniversary of death we will explore what The Hub Network was, their legacy, it’s possible internal problems and of course Hasbro’s & Discovery’s fight and replacement and how in reality it’s a shadow of its former self

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