2016 Is Coming #SuperSwordTeam ,Disney Blogs & More


Hi guys long wow this 2015 was fun im glad you came here and give me support on my blogs & other stuff . Thanks
Well FyPennZero & The Kingdom Of Mewni Will Turn 1 Year Old THIS 2016 !!!
But Im Going To Talk About What Im Going To Do This 2016 My Projects And Upcoming Stuff For The Next Year.Again Thanks For Your Support On #Petmaggedon We Are Still Beating S03 Numbers But Thats Other Story Lets Start


You may know that i run 4 blogs for 4 disney series with wander on madame pom newsit should have been 5 well for starters when the hiatus or series finale comes for the shows there will be less activity on those blogs usually and sometimes we will post news and stuff about the show i have been covering this beacuse the school and im focusing right now more in my education and pass my finals . but dont worry the gifs, screenshots & news will continue but with less activity than the 2015 activity on some blogs also due some death treaths and hate messages the Pickle & Peanut Blog will be closing the ask button starting this 2016 afther the season final airs the ask box will be opening again 🙂


Now For A Quick Q&A About Disney Blogs

Zootopia Blog? There Is Alredy like 5 of them so Nope

Milo`s Murphy Law Ducktales And Other Upcoming Disney Shows Blogs?

Sorry But We Only Will Have 4 Unless Some Show Gets Cancelled Or Finished During That Time Maybe But Due Health Reasons 4 Blogs Its The Only Ones I Can Take

Do You Work For Disney?

Nope Sorry But I Have A Pitch For Them For A Upcoming Show Its On Works…..


I Will post a update on the websit. the pilot finished  its starting the Animatic process and soon I Think i should share some concept backgrounds from the project .The Pilot may be kind of late since i need to find a good laptop and a good animation program but i can share some progress on my Snapchat And Instagram

Snapchat (MadamePomDoesSnapchat)

Instagram (MadamePomDoesArt)


What Will Happen To Me Afther The LPS Series Finale 


Series Finale of LPS Is confirmed to Air Saturday April 16 Only On Discovery Family as you many ask what will happen to Madame Pom News And Me

1 Madame Pom News Will Still Be Having Its Name

2 I Will Still Covering LPS News From The Franchaise Waiting For A Announceament Of A New Series Or Film

3 I Will Cover The Steps Of The Writters And Producers



Im Pround To Announce That The Land Of Foenum Tumbrl Will Become A Upcoming Equestria Daily Vertion Of The Site And Welcome New Fandom And Foenumers (I Like To Call You That)



I Will Still Be Posting The IDW Comic Info & EG Minis Toys On Twitter But Due Healthy Reasons Starting This February Madame Pom News Will Only Will Cover Wander Over Yonder And Littlest Pet Shop Also I Will Not Be Uploading The MLP S06 & EG4



Im Researching At The End Of The Year And Uploading Some Old Hub Network Promos For A Project I Have In Mind During The 6th Annyversary Of The Channel


HeckYeahHarveyBeaks Will Be More About Beaks And Nickelodeon In Its Return On January Or February

Possible Projects Helping My Friends For Instagram


And The Most ImportantIf Wander Over Yonder Dosent Get A Third Season I Will Be Doing Something Like Petmaggedon For This Show

Thanks For Reading And I Hope You Have A Happy New Year And A Sweet 2016



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