Its A 2016 POST But By Chevistian

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Lets start that 2016 was a ok year for me nothing bad between both things school and social life on the internet

now time to see somethings i changed……………yes The Kingdom of Mewni ,FYPennZero,FYFuture Worm, The Pickle And Peanut Blog Where deleted thanks to the amazing deal i had with @TheMysteryofGF  who is a great person who loves his work so consider him a follow .To  create one opf the most trusted blogs for Disney TV News : Disney Television Animation i never expected this thing to be a sucess so thank also be sure to follow our second blog 

The Next Thing I Want To Thank Is All The People Who Mke #Petmaggedon and #GoodbyeLPS a thing the series finale beated My Little Pony

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And thanks to the people who are supporting the show after its sad fate better than never guys thank you

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and this wouldnt have been done by one of my pals who now i consider him a friend LPSAgain aka Fercho262 so follow him his other new project in the amazing world of Dreawmorks Animation

Also i never expected a big response on the Samurai Jack And Voltron stuff thanks everybody i never expected a Follow from the Its Voltron Podcast and The Only Rebel Taxi Thanks To You


and now about Super Sword Team well sadly the Pilot is not done and the pitch still needs some fix and maybe could be showed at Creativa Fest 2017 or PixelLat 2017 right now im working in making this thing a reality so dont worry along with other pitches aka Gazelle Shooters

At The End After The C/D Thing I Want To Say Some Things First Of All

I Will Still Covering LPS News From The Franchise also helping MLP Merch with a project they had in hands also still covering Hasbro News with my classical Infograpics

New shows to Cover Voltron , Samurai Jack & Hana Zuki Full Of Treasures yeah about

Happpy 2017 and Good Luck In The Future!


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