Top 5 Cartoons You Should Look Foward On 2018


With this year’s finally coming to a end and we got many cartoons but : Hasbro only released one good show that is Hanazuki Full Of Treasures, Nickelodeon debuted two cartoons who in the end the first one ended up dying in Nicktoons and the other got barely attention and will be considered as Nick’s awnser to Gravity Falls when in reality is not, CN released dissapointing cartoons who turned to be cashgrabs like Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs The Series , and the only good thing who was OK KO Lets Be Heroes! which its fanbase in Tumbrl is reaching the same autistic levels of SU’s Fanbase, Based Disney released many cartoons who turned to be pretty good in the end like Tangled,Big Hero 6 ,DuckTales & pretty decent like Billy Dilley also relly kicking the balls of CN in terms of scheduling and content of the year.But with the end of it they where 5 upcoming shows that i want you to suggest you on this 2018 will they  be good or be a dissapointing thing so here is my TOP 5: CARTOONS YOU SHOULD LOOOK FOWARD THIS 2018

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Littlest Pet Shop: A World Of Our Own PREREVIEW


Normally i dont make reviews but since many people wanted my opinion on the reboot and now that there is some footage and 10 shorts released so far finally i can give my opinion: in short words im looking foward to this one and hope the show has the same quality and comedy that made the 2012 vertion my favorite for the momment is a nice toon that we will have to wait and see how it does in terms of storytelling in two segments of 11 minutes and i have trust on the new cast and crew that this will also be a nice reboot

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