Littlest Pet Shop: A World Of Our Own PREREVIEW


Normally i dont make reviews but since many people wanted my opinion on the reboot and now that there is some footage and 10 shorts released so far finally i can give my opinion: in short words im looking foward to this one and hope the show has the same quality and comedy that made the 2012 vertion my favorite for the momment is a nice toon that we will have to wait and see how it does in terms of storytelling in two segments of 11 minutes and i have trust on the new cast and crew that this will also be a nice reboot

After the cancellation of Littlest Pet Shop i feared what the next reboot could be will it be bad or will be awful finally on Toy Fair 2018 it was revealed the new vertion of LPS that i wasn’t very attracted to it the very first time i saw it

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The idea sounded similar to your generic little girl show with pets a world where humans are nowhere and where said animal is the ruler of the world. I wasn’t very fan of the concept until i saw the theme song & trailer and also the first 2 episodes of the show at HASCON 2017

The first episodes where very…………cute and it was a interesting concept and made my change my opinion on the show, sure it wasn’t like the same comedy or desings but it had something it was different, normally many reboots try to capture the feeling of the original instead of doing something different with the IP about the characters i cant say why beacuse DNA  but as for the shorts they are cool to they show you some great locations the animation style of the new show and the voice acting is pretty good,yeah i wish the shorts could show more of the main cast than Bev and Boulder Media did it again they made an amazing animation as always.  mostly in the end i want to say dont jugde a book by its cover, so this is why im looking foward to LPS : A World Of Our Own this 2018 on Discovery Family.

if you want a peek check the first 10 shorts


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