Top 5 Cartoons You Should Look Foward On 2018


With this year’s finally coming to a end and we got many cartoons but : Hasbro only released one good show that is Hanazuki Full Of Treasures, Nickelodeon debuted two cartoons who in the end the first one ended up dying in Nicktoons and the other got barely attention and will be considered as Nick’s awnser to Gravity Falls when in reality is not, CN released dissapointing cartoons who turned to be cashgrabs like Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs The Series , and the only good thing who was OK KO Lets Be Heroes! which its fanbase in Tumbrl is reaching the same autistic levels of SU’s Fanbase, Based Disney released many cartoons who turned to be pretty good in the end like Tangled,Big Hero 6 ,DuckTales & pretty decent like Billy Dilley also relly kicking the balls of CN in terms of scheduling and content of the year.But with the end of it they where 5 upcoming shows that i want you to suggest you on this 2018 will they  be good or be a dissapointing thing so here is my TOP 5: CARTOONS YOU SHOULD LOOOK FOWARD THIS 2018


Since 2016 many of us wanted to know what will happen to LPS after the failure that was LPS 2012 in terms to sales thanks to the idiotic LPS G2 Fans who complained on every single stuff of Hasbro’s social media , finally Hasbro decicde to launch a line of toys of LPS which are closer to the G2 vertion and of course a new show. like pretty much everyone else has the opinion divided one of them says that of this will not be as good as the 2012 vertion and the other well this looks adorable even better desings than the 2012 vertion but that dosn’t mean LPS : AWOOO will be bad , i watched the first episode at HASCON or i think was one of the very first episodes and it looks cute mostly after seeing the first half of the Fall 2017 shorts it looks like it will be a comfy slice of life adventure type of series which is nice, i was very surprised that Discovery Family was gonna air this show beacuse i thought they where done with future Hasbro stuff and the original plan it was that was gonna be airing on Netflix.But lets see how this one does in terms of quality ,writting and comedy also the theme song is really catchy so i give it points for that.

4. Pinky Malinky

After being delayed TWICE Nickelodeon finally has steped up their animation department a little bit in baby steps sadly the main network at Viacom thinks Live Actions>>>>Cartoons but anywhoo back to Pinky Malinky the show is mockumentary about the life of a young sausage who has two human friends Babs and JJ. the show idea at first impression sounds stupid but after seeing some BTS stuff at the official Instagram of the show it dosent seem to bad but im no to sold on the LOL Memes Emojis Humor yet maybe this will be a minimal stuff on the show also the cast is pretty good having Lucas Gabreel from HSM,Diamond White as Babs and Nathan Kress as JJ is a pretty good choice for a casting also im glad Nickelodeon decided to renew this show for a second season after being delay it twice on both 2016 & 2017


Resultado de imagen para space chickens in space

Unfortunelly this show will not come out until maybe Fall 2018 or Summer 2018 so this is the only piece of footage we will get until Disney XD gives the official first look.Who could tell you that Disney will finally make a animated Mèxican series from the writters of The Amazing World Of Gumball.The show is about three chickens who accidentally got enrolled on a military space cadetship. for the momment there is no footage or anything but official artwork and it looks amazing it is something you cant tell that come from a Disney series also it makes me glad that both Disney & CN are giving Mèxicans a opportunity.


I will be honest im not looking foward to CN’s Originals animation lineup of 2018,Apple and Onion looks very boring and since we already have a superior godlike show with talking food items that is Pickle And Peanut why i should watch that but that is just me,Summercamp Island looks super cute but its not my thing also im not to sold on the character desings but im looking foward for more Unikitty and of course Lauren Faust’s DC’s SuperHero Girls But Back To Craig Of The Creek It Looks Pretty Comfy and very good as someone who was very much like Craig on its kids days with my friend in his house maybe that is the reason.








No Words Just Emotion!



The reason why Craig Of The Creek isnt in NO:1 since it reminds me of my years of my childhood but this show since its announceament brings me so many memories of my childhood vacations when we go each year to celebrate Easter on a small town on the woods where there are farms etc. Big City Greens comes from the minds of one of my favorite TV Shows ever: Harvey Beaks AND that this is a Disney show is great it brings me such much joy and happiness that this show is closer as we talk.

Have A Happy New Year 2018




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