Top 10 Cartoons You Should Look Foward On 2019

2019 Post

Well another year is coming to a end  and well in comparation with last year it was a bit dowgrade: Hasbro released 2 shows both pretty good, Cartoon Network a god tier slife of life show that is Craig Of The Creek, one decent show Apple & Onion and a comfy SOL show Summer Camp Island, Dreamworks doing a Dreamworks great shows (Harvey Street Kids,She Ra & Captain Underpants) and mediocre stuff like The Rocky and Bullwinkle reboot & Boss Baby The Series, Nick well…….. was pretty lame with 0% cartoons this year but besides, Based Disney won this year again with GOD Tier Big City Greens and a amazing first season of Big Hero 6 The Series and a good comedy like Space Chickens In Space, and a amazing Muppet Babies reboot also with surprises like Legend Of The Three Caballeros

but its time to look foward to the 2019 cartoons many got announced but this time 10 caught my attention so let’s take a look shall we!

10-Pinky Malinky

Bassicaly the same since 2018’s pre-review the show has been delayed 3 time Nickelodeon still has a stygma of Cartoons+ Nostalgia >>> Original Projects luckly they decided to give Pinky a chance in giving him a better chance with Netflix sadly it was delayed again: same stuff Pinky Malinky the show is mockumentary about the life of a young sausage who has two human friends Babs and JJ. the show idea at first impression sounds stupid but after seeing some BTS stuff at the official Instagram of the show it dosent seem to bad but im no to sold on the LOL Memes Emojis Humor yet maybe this will be a minimal stuff on the show also the cast is pretty good having Lucas Gabreel from HSM,Diamond White as Babs and Nathan Kress as JJ is a pretty good choice for a casting, sadly Nickelodeon finished ways with the creators and both are doing original stuff for Netflix so it got canned before premiered such sad fate but hey at least we will see Pinky finally


Resultado de imagen para wizards guillermo del toro

I really loved Trollhunters its storytelling comedy & arcs where cool nothing groundbreaking but cool ,last year in 2017 we hear that they weren’t making a second but also a third series as well the third series stands from the most since it will be a crossover between the three series : Trollhunters,3 Below,Wizards so time to get hype sadly at the moment no art work so this is why is on a lower post

8-Glitch Techs

if you told me years ago that the creator of Fanboy and Chum Chum will make a serious and story driven videogame show i would have laughed i actually laughed since its announce but looking at the concept art from Eric Robles , it looks Amazing and the fact that Eric’s desings tranlate better on 2D than 3D it will be amazing concept let’s hope this show dosn’t get the Korra treatmeant or Pinky treatmeant

7-Infinity Train

Nerdy Girl trying to solve a big mistery on a infinite train with a cute Corgi and two robots sounds amazing this show has the potential of becoming the next Over The Garden Wall and since a former crew member from Regular Show created this well you should be hyped sadly its not a higher on the list beacuse………

6-Victor And Valentino

Resultado de imagen para victor and valentino POSTER

Listen anyone who know me knows that im a mexican and a mexican shill sucker when a mexican show made by Mexicans comes out on Western Media (Space Chickens In Space,El Tigre,Villainous,Maya And The Three) so a show where two young boys discover mysteries from their Guanajuato themed town is a A+ for me and deserves the Gifs & Hype and im actually excitted for this more than Infinity Train

5-DC Superhero Girls 

Lauren Faust has been one of my inspiring animators since well my dark times as brony i been following every project of her since DC Super Nation Shorts: Super Best Friends Forever and i was a little sad when she announced that DC did not pick up but i thinked one day she might use this characters again and well she did with a reboot of a popular girls franchise (sounds familiar) don’t believe me watch The Late Batsby and you will notice some nods of SBFF! also M.A Larson considerated as one of the best writters from the first 5 seasons of FIM and the best part of this no restrictions from corporate toy companies so 100% creativily free.

4-101 Dalmatian Street 

I am a sucker for Disney animal movies ( Fox and The Hound,Oliver And Company,The Aristocats..etc) and 101 Dalmatians is included so see it getting a new attention from Disney mediais amazing luckly this show had a few changes from pilot to final vertion and it looks like a great cope if LPS AWOOO leaves us on 2019 also the animation is very fluid and comic

3- The Owl House 

Resultado de imagen para The Owl House

Based Disney greenlights another amazing show this time from talented director Dana Terrace and has crew from Star Vs & Steven Universe the plot of the show sounds so promising like Infinity Train and the art style is amazing it could be Disney’s next Gravity Falls the reason why is so low is that like Wizards there is no footage of the show yet but looking at the art style it will be another great addition to the House of Mouse

2- Vikingskool

I love Cartoon Saloon: The Secret Of Keels,Song Of The Sea,The Breadwinner, where amazing films with spectacular 2D Animation and im glad Disney decided to take a chance and collaborate with them on a TV Show! following the adventures of 3 young vikings the kids will learn a way to save the world being the best vikings ever and knowing Cartoon Saloon expect drama & action

1- Amphibia

Matt Braly surprised us with feelings and horror on Gravity Fall”s (Northwest Mansion Mistery,Weirdmaggedon Part 2) and also handled some comedic episodes of Big City Greens which have been amazing so a show from him about a Tai girl on a frog land having adventures a la old school Adventure Time? Hell Yeah! the animation of intro is amazing and that sold me more. Be prepared the Amphibians are coming





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